The CAQ’s Tour of Baie-Comeau Reveals Concern and Opportunity

The CAQ’s Tour of Baie-Comeau Reveals Concern and Opportunity

The member for Groulx and newly appointed CAQ critic for the Côte‑Nord region, Claude Surprenant, feels enlightened after last Friday’s visit to Baie-Comeau. Alongside the new president of the CAQ’s Youth Committee, Yann Gobeil-Nadon, Mr. Surprenant met with many local players, to get a better grasp of the issues at the heart of the Manicouagan region. He was particularly marked by his visit to Manicouagan’s residual material management (RGMRM) and the boreal forest experimentation and development center (CEDFOB).

Claude Surprenant noticed that different actors in the region put a great emphasis on entrepreneurship and social involvement. “Our interaction was very rewarding; the region is very dynamic. People have interesting ideas for economic recovery. They predominantly speak about innovation zones. They believe in the collaboration of educational institutions and businesses. The CAQ shares their vision”, asserts the member for Groulx.

Make Way for Tomorrow

Claude Surprenant and Yann Gobeil-Nadon have also taken advantage of their visit to the Côte-Nord, to mingle with the young participants of organisations such as the Youth Forum, student body of the Baie-Comeau CEGEP, and the College Center for the Transfer of Technology.

The president of CRCAQ learned that the young people in Côte-Nord are very concerned about matters of entrepreneurship and opportunity in the region. “They have a clear understanding of the current struggle to keep their youth from leaving and to promote entrepreneurship. The key players agree that at the moment, there aren’t enough technical college programs. Thus, many young people are leaving the region, never to come back”, supports Yann Gobeil-Nadon.