Uber: An Inevitable Path to the Future


 18 février 2016

As pertaining to the parliamentary committee on passenger transportation by automobile for remuneration, the CAQ’s Youth Committee (CRCAQ) considers that it is a great opportunity for progress. The government needs to quickly assess the opportunity to legalise companies such as Uber, which provide services that are greatly appreciated by consumers.

According to Yann Gobeil-Nadon, the president of the CRCAQ, competition to the taxi industry has yielded tremendous benefits to customers, such as improvement of services and access to automated payments. In short, the commercial and technological innovations, by companies like Uber, are favourable to our society.

However, technological advances must be properly regulated and implemented. The confrontation between Uber and the taxi drivers is potentially harmful. “Nonetheless, resisting innovation due to challenges and current illegitimacy of the service is not an option. The government needs to act now and enable true competitive equilibrium”, added the CAQ’s youth president.

To avoid being illegal, a company like Uber will need to adapt to the new legislative regulations once a bill gets adopted. “Quebec must employ every possible measure to benefit of this major change in the industry, by taking into account innovation, national laws, social norms and consumers interest. The time has come to take action”, concluded Yann Gobeil-Nadon.